Steemit Review: Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Join Steemit

Today I decide to make Steemit Review. This Review is probably a bad review on Steemit Platform. There are many top internet marketers and influencers promoted Steem in form of getting your attention to Join Steemit, on How to become Rich In Steemit. I also decided to join for a while to see how it work, and how to earn with this platform. Before I dive into the review, I will want to know about what is steemit?

Steemit Review

What is Steemit? 

Steemit is a decentralized social media platform that pay you for Post, Upvote, Resteem, and Comments in SteemPower, Steem Token, or Steem Dollar. 

3 Reasons You Shouldn't join Steemit

Let's Jump into why I don't want you to waste time with steem

#1: You earn nothing or a few cent for your post

Steemit: Zero Earning Post
Steemit: Zero Earning Post

Steemit Account for Beginner
Steemit Account for Beginner
Why many other Internet Marketers Claim that steemit is a great social media platform for you while you earn a few cents for your original contents. How can you become Rich With Steem if your earning seem nothing. 

#2: Only Top Influencers make a big profit on Steem

To earn more reward in Steem or Steem Dollar, you need to invest huge amount of your money in SteemPower( if you have a lot of SteemPower, You will earn a lot of reward every time you upvote your post or other post). How Top Influencers make a profit on Steemit:

  • They Invest a lot of money in SteemPower
  • Get Your attention to sign up with steemit, follow their account to upvote, resteem, and comment on their post
  • Earning from Upvote Bot: They have an paid upvote bot to upvote your post(Most of them don't upvote your post unless you paid them in steem or Steem Dollar. To See how much you need to pay them before they give you an Upvote go to
steemit influencer account
Steemit Influencer Account

#3: If you plan to invest in SteemPower, You can't get all your money back until 3 months

SteemPower is non tradable, You can't sell unless you power it down and it take about 3 months to get it into Steem Token that can be tradable. You will lost your profit if you invest in SteemPower. For Instance, if you buy 40000 SteemPower at 4$ Per Steem Token. When The Steem Market is pump. If the price of Steem is 8$ Per Token, how can you sell it to make profit!

In Conclusion: Steemit is not a good place to monetize your content. You will waste a lot of your time

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